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Not Short for Apples

I’ve come to the realization that I am not nearly as smart as I thought. I mean, I’m pretty smart, I know all my letters and most of my numbers. I know lots of really big words and can reference cultural phenomena, famous historical figures and events. But, my knowledge of computers, programming, portable devices and software doesn’t necessarily equate to raw intelligence. An understanding of machinery, engines, architecture or design and composition can have far more practical applications than understanding where the mute button is on your iPhone.

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Got Mobile?

In 2013, worldwide use of mobile devices surpassed that of desktops. By early 2016, the majority of online sales were mobile-based. Starting next year Google will start to rank mobile-first websites above other sites. Their criteria is well documented and while they haven’t released a deadline, they indicate that it will be sometime in 2018. After that

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Not Your Father's Consumer Behavior

Not Your Father’s Consumer Behavior

This past weekend was Father’s Day. It got me thinking about my father. I never thought I’d really follow in his footsteps (at least after I turned 9, anyway). He was in marketing. When I look at what I do, it seems strange to label it the same as his job. Marketing and consumer behaviors are so different across this span of just a few decades. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal is the same. It's good to know that some things at least, don't change.

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2 Seconds of Your Time

2 Seconds of Your Time

In a retail environment, the typical shopper looks at a given product for an average of about two seconds before moving on. If your product doesn’t announce its features or its unique nature any better than the next product, you’ll lose your chance to win over a new customer.

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7 Website Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

7 Website Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Check out these 7 common mistakes you don’t want to make and to be sure you’re on the right track.
Give your visitors what they want and keep them entertained, engaged and coming back for more.

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5 Things You Didn't Know About 3D Photography

5 Things You Didn’t Know About 3D Photography

The coolest thing about it is that it’s totally interactive. No matter how you sell, using this technology is completely engaging which improves the user’s experience (UX) and we’re always looking for ways to improve the both the UX and buying experience.

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Target Your Audience for Fun and Profit

Target your Audience for Fun and Profit

Now, more than ever before, targeted marketing is super important. In a time when communication and social channels inundate consumers with infinite options, a lot of brands are pushing their content into every outlet and mass marketing is at an all-time high.

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The Face of your Business

The Face of Your Business

On average, we check our phones about 85 times per day or more. Combined with other forms of media access we might spend over 10 hours a day on the internet. Considering that, you must realize that your potential customer – whoever they may be – will have their first meaningful interaction with your company, online.

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eSecurity: Protect your Investment

eSecurity: Protect your Investment

Nothing can hurt brand trust like a data breach. At best, security issues cause lost revenue from downtime and labor. A bit of organization and planning can keep you ahead of the curve.

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Retail Tsunami: Surviving the Aftermath

Retail Tsunami: Surviving the Aftermath

All around us, industries are struggling with issues of over-consumption and pride. They must find a balance to ensure a future or face extinction.

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