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How Can We Draw In More Customers?

Get Into More Top Drawers

We all face the same business challenges whether you own a large corporation or you’re a solo entrepreneur.  Sure there are differences in resources and scale, but at the core everyone has the same goal.

Often we’re asked the question, “How can we draw in more customers?”  There is really no definitive answer that works for everyone. Coming up with the best strategy is dependent upon what you are trying to sell and to whom you are selling.

We believe it all goes back to how you communicate who you are, to your potential customer.  Before determining how you’re going to reach these people, do you really know who your customers are?

Know Your Customers

Get Into More Top Drawers

Do you know their stories, their interests and aspirations?  Do you know about their behavior and what activities they perform, which social media platforms they prefer?
Equally important questions to consider are about clarifying your own business goals and objectives. Questions like “what do you do and to whom do you do it for?” seem like no brainers, but you may be surprised to find that when you look at your offering through a different lens, those answers haven’t been made very clear. If you don’t know the answers, spend some time analyzing, and exploring to figure out what your business is now and what you want it to be in the future.

Do you really know who your customers are?

(Re)Examine Your Strategy

Get Into More Top Drawers

Once you have a clear picture, take a closer look at the marketing you’re currently creating (i.e. website, social media, email campaigns, advertising, etc.).  Look at your content through the eyes of your potential customer.  What do you see?  Is the composition and messaging consistent with your product or service?  Is it easy to understand what you offer? Is what you’re giving your audience educational or inspiring in some way?

Once you’ve done this exercise, you should be able to quickly determine which of your marketing channels need to be addressed.  Now that you have an idea of where you should focus, begin by isolating inappropriate content and removing anything that could be considered detrimental to the brand.  Sometimes this can mean taking down an entire website and starting over.  Other times stripping down content or fixing some typos can be enough of a quick fix.  If you are trying to tackle everything on your own, focus on one thing at a time.  Remove anything that detracts from your brand and don’t be afraid to start over if necessary.

Once anything inappropriate has been removed, we begin by mapping out a plan.  We then identify and list all of the touch points where people interact or come in contact with your brand.  Categorize the results into tiers based on importance and create and execute a strategy that can be rolled out in stages to deal with each area that needs improvement.

Focus your attention on the key areas which will most likely be accessed by your customer.  As you identify your customer’s lifestyle, you can start to see which channels have the most opportunities to influence them.  Some marketing opportunities aren’t worthwhile because not enough of your customers will ever see it, even if millions of others will.  Some smaller venues can be ideal because nearly the entire audience is part of your target market.

Create a working style guide for your brand. It can be a work in progress, but you should identify a few things that will create consistency in every piece of content you generate. It should consist of things like the fonts you use and the specific color of your logo.  You can start off simply and add to it as needed, but this guide will give you, your employees and your partners a reference of your brand’s identity.

Once you’ve started your style guide, go to your list and pick the first area to focus on. Be intentional with the content you choose.  With every piece of content you create, refer back to your style guide to ensure consistency.

If it’s all too overwhelming… get in touch with us.

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