So Much Left unsaid

Communication is the Core of Our Existence

So Much Left Unsaid

Communication is primal. It is intrinsic to every species. It is the way we learn, the way we connect and the way we teach. Communication is the core of our existence.

Why then is there so much miscommunication or so much just left unsaid? The simple answer is fear. Fear of saying the wrong thing, fear of saying too much or too little. Fear of losing someone… something… everything… Fear of not looking smart, capable or professional.
Our society has become a fearful group. We are afraid to speak up; we are afraid of the unknown, of change, of failure, and most of all, of our own success. The majority of people would rather be “safe”. These people are willing to spend their entire lives waiting for weekends while their weekends are spent dreading the Monday that will surely come.

They dream of someday which will never come without the change they fear most. They dream of that promotion they refuse to ask for or of ways to make things better, but they dare not tell anyone who could implement change. They don’t think anyone will listen so their workday is spent being disengaged, disinterested and feeling like nothing they do matters. They do the bare minimum required to keep their steady paycheck and go unnoticed. They are dissatisfied in life and in work.

People are distracted with their devices, and they are too busy to be present.

Machines Talking to Machines

So Much Left Unsaid

Meanwhile in administrative offices, executives are discussing what they can do to boost morale or far worse, not talking about it at all. They may not even realize that their staff is not challenged, or feels unappreciated. These relationships have become distant and impersonal, machines talking to machines.

People are distracted with their devices, and they are too busy to be present. Series of questions that require complicated answers are replied to with a single yes. In an attempt to be efficient, multitasking ends up creating more work and leads to more questions and endless strings of emails.

Now, don’t get me wrong… we like technology. Technology is great. Overall, it’s changed the way business is done for the better. We do so many things faster and easier than we could have B.G. (Before Google). Technology has radically changed every industry in existence today, but at what cost?

To us, the cost is clear. We believe the intimate apparel industry has become devoid of intimacy. The ability to connect with people in meaningful ways has been substituted with miscommunication; our devices have become a crutch rather than a tool. Innovation is needed in the way we connect with one another.

The intimate apparel industry prides itself on innovation in its product and should reflect that same conviction in its methods of communicating, both internally and to their consumers. At Intimatology we believe that communication is everything. We believe that every person should have a voice because great ideas can come from anyone.

A Century of Innovation

So Much Left Unsaid

Intimate apparel has been a part of human existence since early man first wore the loincloth. Modern variations date all the way back to the 16th century. Mass production of intimate apparel has been going on for over 100 years and between intimate apparel, sleepwear and hosiery, global market revenue has reached well over fifty billion dollars. I think it’s safe to say we’ve come a long way from the loincloth, but have we grown too big for our britches? In product and manufacturing we have not, but in presenting who we are to the world, we’ve seen tremendous gaps in marketing and communication, missed opportunities and countless complications.

We like to keep things simple. As providers of marketing design and strategy, we have worked closely with people in every aspect of the business to isolate issues, identify opportunities and create solutions. We help to discover disconnects and get everyone on the same page, because marketing can’t be clear if the message is undefined and goals can’t be reached if you never set them.

At Intimatology, we believe that powerful marketing is achieved through clear communication.

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