An intimatologist is a designer who studies marketing, specifically intimate marketing and the audience’s relationship to a brand, product or service. Generally speaking, intimatologists study humans, media channels and designs to gain a better understanding of how an audience reacts to various forms of marketing and how external factors influence consumer relationships and behavior.

intimatology, n.
/intim-a/ [tâl-uh-jee] | (in•tim•a•tol•o•gy)

  1. The science of intimate marketing in all its forms and phenomena, especially with reference to branding, growth, awareness, structure and behavior.
  2. The art of intimate marketing in all its forms and phenomena, especially with reference to branding, growth, awareness, structure and behavior.
  3. The intimate marketing of a brand or campaign:
    the intimatology of resolute apparel.
  4. The full service marketing and creative firm based in West Caldwell, New Jersey, in the US Northeast.

Intimatology | About Us

Intimatology on the Lingerie Journal

We’re new in the neighborhood.

At least that’s what we’re telling everyone.

If you’ve never heard of us, you know us intimately, or you just want to know what an intimatologist is, take a peek at our spotlight on The Lingerie Journal. They did some interviews and wrote a nice article introducing us to the intimate apparel market.

We have some great innovations we’d love to share and we’re always looking for new opportunities to explore.

See our Introduction on the Lingerie Journal


Intimatology is a full service digital agency with a deep expertise in intimate apparel and legwear. We provide strategic marketing and creative services that help businesses evaluate, create and leverage the way they communicate who they are to the world.

We invest ourselves in the brands we work with and we partner with our customers to develop and implement marketing that inspires confidence and showcases their unique stories.

You make something amazing. It’s our job to help you share it with the world.



Embracing creativity and leveraging technology, we focus on achieving our clients’ marketing goals. An innate sense for marketing helps to guide our designs and set strategies for our customers. Lead by husband and wife, Erin and Rich Harris our team has over 30 years of experience in the intimate apparel and legwear industries.

551 Passaic Ave.

Reflecting our unique style, vibrancy and our standards of quality, we have established ourselves in a custom designed creative office studio. Located in the heart of West Caldwell and surrounded by cultural centers, modern commerce and some of the most amazing dining and treats in the region.  

Our Process

Good marketing is equal parts art and science. Marketing is the DNA of every aspect of a business and makes your products, communications and innovations your unique story.  Telling that story in a compelling way, that is art.  Evaluating the needs and desires of your business and determining a strategy to meet those needs is science.  Envisioning the future and making your business goals actionable, is the science of Intimate Marketing.

We perform a three phase process which sets up our clients for success.  Starting with the Foundation Phase we get to know our clients, their offerings, customers, competition and history.  Upon that foundation of knowledge, we build or rebuild the brand.  During the Core Phase, we provide content, deploy resources, manage campaigns and establish protocols.  The Replenishment Phase focuses on perpetually evolving the brand, staying relevant and creating continued growth into the future.



In the first phase, we conduct interviews, investigate workflows and perform an evaluation of the product offering. We also research the competitive landscape and the target audience, uncovering challenges and opportunities. In addition to providing market analysis, marketing strategies and a cost assessment, we use this information to develop the brand message and voice.



Here we create the deliverables. We design and build websites, packaging, sales collateral or other materials, addressing and managing workflow issues, policies and product lifecycles.
Photography is scheduled, coordinated and performed, product names, categories and descriptions are assigned. Digital marketing campaigns are planned and deployed and we begin to leverage advertising and social data.



Once we dial in the brand identity and marketing, we work with our clients to create ongoing campaigns and strategies that promote continued growth. Customized programs, style guides, templates and procedures are provided to help maintain momentum, allow for and recognize changing markets. Marketing strategies are re-evaluated and adapted based on long term goals.