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Social Media Like a Pro

When it comes to handling your company’s social media, make sure you’re aware of how vital your posts are to increase brand awareness and draw more followers. Always consider your target audience and post useful, information that is relevant to them and will capture their attention. If you need assistance in identifying your target audience, check out our article, Target your Audience for Fun and Profit.

It’s important to remember a few key elements when working on your social media profile build. Make sure all of your details are filled out in the correct fields and up to date. This should go without saying, but it’s necessary to provide your information in an organized and intuitive manner. The best way for your customers to reach you is by making it as simple as possible.

Your cover photo provides an emotional link your followers can associate with your brand.

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Social Media Like a Pro

Profile pictures and cover photos are always at the top of your profile, and they’re the first thing your viewers will see once they find you. Your company logo or an equally relevant image that captures your brand should always be the center of attention when it comes to social media. Your profile image will act as your avatar for others to see. This allows people to recognize you easily when they land on your page, and even when you post, follow, share or like any form of media via your company’s account.

Your social media cover photo is crucial to portraying why you exist as a business. It should tell the viewer who you are, what you do, how to feel, and how you can be of assistance to them…and it should do all of this at a mere glance. Imagine if I asked you to hold up an image of yourself (your profile picture) and next to it, hold up an image that best describes yourself. This is basically what the profile’s cover photo is doing for your target audience. It’s providing your viewers with an emotional link they can connect with and relate to on a subconscious level. It can also tell them what and when to buy something from you, and can manipulate how they feel about you right away. This giant segment of digital information has enough power and control to be considered one of the most important elements to your social media profile. It’s imperative that this is done correctly. See our free downloadable guide below.

The most important part of social media management is regular and consistent posting. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Plan to post at a realistic frequency, and if you can do a little more than that, you’re okay. Each post should engage the user, don’t blatantly advertise or list products and offers. If you need help finding your audience, or creating meaningful, relevant posts designed for their channels and interests, consider hiring a dedicated expert or a firm that can design, manage or support your social media strategies.

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