Ecommerce Planning For The New Year

Don't Wait To Start Anew.

Ecommerce Planning For The New Year

I don’t care what you did in last year. Good year, bad year it doesn’t matter, it’s in the past.

The new year represents a milestone to start fresh and make a change. It’s a time of new beginnings, and forgiving yourself for what you didn’t do. In 2018, things will be different. You will choose to choose and not just go along for the ride. You will have a say in your own destiny and be intentional about your actions, good or bad.

If you’ve already given up on your resolution, consider smaller milestones. You don’t need to wait to next year to restart. Each day, week or month grants us a chance to reset and try something different.
So why not start now?

This is for you B2C businesses and solo-entrepreneurs selling direct to their customers in the U.S. We wanted to share some important dates to keep your key e-commerce marketing and promotions on track.

*Remember work backwards from these dates to leave enough time to plan out and design your campaigns and content. Keep your landing pages, emails, blogs and social media profiles intuitive, relevant and brand appropriate.

*Your email list is your most valuable asset. Be sure to have a way for visitors to sign up to receive promotions and your other great content.

Each day, week or month grants us a chance to reset and try something different.

January 1st: New Year

Ecommerce Planning For The New Year

Think well-being. From New Year’s Day through mid-month is a great time to post content related to new products, looking better, feeling better and generally living a better lifestyle.

Communicate to your customers how your product adds value or benefits to their lives.

Feb 14th: Valentine’s Day

Ecommerce Planning For The New Year

Between mid-January and Feb 14th is ideal for posting V-day content. If your product has a romantic nature this time of year can be very rewarding financially and a great opportunity to connect your customers with the perfect gift. If you promote this correctly you can achieve record breaking sales around Feb 5th and 6th. Great ideas for this holiday include gift guides. These can be especially helpful if they are broken down by price category. For example, Great Gifts under $50 or Holiday’s Hottest Styles. A great V-day promo is free shipping with a purchase of a certain dollar amount. Make sure to promote when you need to order by to get your purchase in time for the big day.

February 19th: Presidents Day

Ecommerce Planning For The New Year

President’s day is a great opportunity to sell off products that you’ve had in your inventory for a little too long. We’ve seen great success on sitewide promotions starting at 15%. Adding additional discounts for clearance items consistently yields better results.

Tip: Be sure to indicate how long the sale lasts. Limiting the time an offer is available can dramatically increase sales!

March 15th – April 1st

Ecommerce Planning For The New Year

Most retailers shy away from anything too religious or Easter related and instead focus on spring related marketing. You’ll see popular messaging like “Spring into Savings” at this time of year. If you’re not overly promotional, focus on content that promotes new products that are sure to put a spring in your step.
This time of year begins prom season and is also perfect for promoting solution focused products that solve problems or add versatility such as shapers or multi-way solutions.

May 13th: Mother’s Day

Ecommerce Planning For The New Year

Campaigns that focus on treating yourself preform really well on Mother’s day. If Mom and child you’re marketing to are both adults, avoid mommy and me campaigns. They can come off anywhere from kinda weird to downright creepy.

This is a great time to offer free gift wrapping as a promotion if available.

May 28th: Memorial Day

Ecommerce Planning For The New Year

Memorial Day is the perfect time to start promoting those lightweight, cooling or wear-to-be-seen products that are perfect for the summer months ahead. Any products that are crush-free or great travel pieces are ideal for this time of year.

May through August is wedding season so it’s a great time to show off your strapless and other solution focused products.

June 17th: Father’s Day

Ecommerce Planning For The New Year

Dad’s deserve pampering too, and most men don’t buy their own underwear. This is a great time to offer free shipping on orders higher than a certain dollar amount or buy more save more promotions. Since significant others are doing the shopping on this occasion, they are likely to buy something for themselves as well if there’s an incentive.

June 26th: Semi Annual Sale (Clearance)

Ecommerce Planning For The New Year

This is the perfect time to invigorate slumping summer sales and clear out some space to make room for BTS. This is the perfect time to offer additional discounts on old inventory and deeper discounts on sale items.

September 3rd: Labor Day/BTS

Ecommerce Planning For The New Year

Back to School is a significant time of year for many businesses so don’t forget to promote yours. There’s high competition at this time of year so offering discount codes and free shipping are reliably good strategies.

October 31st: Halloween

Ecommerce Planning For The New Year

October is a great time to promote novelty and costume pieces. If these types of products aren’t core to your business, then focus on foundations like invisible lines and smoothing solutions that make those costumes look that much better.

November 23rd: Black Friday

Ecommerce Planning For The New Year

Mark your calendar. Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas season and though it began in the U.S. it’s become a worldwide phenomenon.

You’ve been working on creating content all year so by this time you’ve built a respectable following and email list. Don’t stop now. Use the upcoming discounts you’re offering as incentives to get more sign ups and build your email list. There is nothing more powerful than your list. You’ve been using it to inform your customers of all the great things you provide. Now is the time you share it all with them at your deepest discounts of the year. Get your subscribers excited before the big day by letting them know deep discounts are coming. This is a great opportunity to use countdown timers in your emails to create a sense of anticipation and urgency and drive them back to your site on the big day.

When customers arrive for sales, make sure your homepage or landing page is consistent with the marketing and clear calls to action (CTAs) you’ve already shown them so they know they’ve arrived in the right place.

November 26th – December 2nd: Cyber Monday/Cyber Week

Ecommerce Planning For The New Year

What used to be Cyber Monday, has turned into a weeklong event and in some cases extended right through till Christmas. You can have better profitability with shorter sale durations but make sure you make the deals enticing and create that sense of urgency. A countdown works well here or in any situation you promote for a limited time.

Continue to offer free shipping here to attract and encourage more sales.

December 25th: Christmas

Ecommerce Planning For The New Year

Figure out the last day you can order and have your items arrive by Christmas for all shipping methods. Make sure this is clearly posted on your website and Ideally, visible on all pages. Free shipping should be available for sales over a specific dollar amount. Make sure all of your holiday promotions and campaigns are planned out at least 6 weeks in advance.

December 26th - 31st: Semi Annual Sale (Clearance)

Ecommerce Planning For The New Year

This is the perfect time to update your graphics and get some extra revenue before the January slump begins. Invigorate sales and clear out some space to make room for the new year, and the new you.

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